Arbor Day in Hawaii - Get a tree

I'm here to interview a tree. Hey, how you doing? I've got some help with Jamie from the UH Extension Service. We're doing this because today is Arbor Day.

Traditionally in Hawai'i, the first Friday of November is our Arbor Day, so happy Arbor Day. We celebrate on Saturday. There are partners throughout the state are getting together and they're hosting Arbor Day celebrations. We're giving away free trees to celebrate, we want you to plant a tree.

Who's involved in giving away the trees? 

Here on Oahu it's HECO, the Kaulunani Urban Forestry Program with DLNL, and the Master Gardener Program at the Urban Garden Center and the volunteers there. There are 270 trees that are being given away on Oahu. It's all starts at the Urban Garden Center.

I have to give a shout out to the Sprout group, the small volunteer group that works to propagate these trees year round.

Why don't you take a stab at explaining why the electric company thinks this is a good idea.

These are trees that are small in stature, so they're not going to be very large, maybe ficus trees that will grow into the power line. So they're promoting how to plant a tree and where to plant a tree in your yard to avoid a power line. 

Also, it's my understanding that one of the things they like about certain kinds of foliage like this is that it can cool the house so it costs less money to cool the house. 

That's definitely right. So positioning the tree on a side of the house that gets the most sun will cool your house. Just the foliage being around the house will cool the house. 

What have we got here?

Three different plants. So I chose this one for your lanai, actually, and all of these will work, so it's up to you. But this is a Myer lemon. Might be nice for your lanai.

I'm familiar with this one. It really likes this kind of climate. 

Exactly. It can take the heat. It's drought tolerate. Nice fruits.

There is also a native plant, called Kukui. It is prized for its leaves, used for making lei.

Very pretty. 

An endemic plant to Hawai'i is our white hibiscus. Fragrant hibiscus and beautiful flowers. These are all trees that grow no larger than 12 feet in height and can be pruned.

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