Peace and prosperity at Kamakahonu soon turned the Hawaiian Kingdom upside down forever

Amy Kalili travels back in time to the year 1810, when Kamehameha the great conquers the Hawaiian Islands. After nearly 20 years of war, Kamehameha's Kingdom lay in ruins and he is looking for a place from which to rule and bring his people to prosperity.

He chose this site along the Kona coast of Hawaiʻi Island called Kamakahonu.

Tommy Hickcox

President, Ahuena Heiau Inc.

It became the first capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii.

His first work of order: bringing prosperity to his war-ravaged kingdom. He sought to do so by restoring nearby Ahuena Heiau. He rededicated Ahuena to Lono, the god of fertility, to bring about abundance. But he wouldn't enjoy it for long.

Kamehameha died on May 8, 1819. When Kamehameha passed, because Liholiho was so young, Kaahumanu, who was his favorite wife became the first ruling wahine, chiefess for the kingdom. Kaahumanu along with Liholiho broke the ai kapu. And that started the fall of the kapu system as we know it.

Kaahumanu allowed the missionaries to land here and soon adopted their religion.

Shortly thereafter, the idols and temples as we knew them back then were all destroyed.

Some say the abolishment of the kapu system led to chaotic change - the exact opposite of what Kamehameha sought.