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EXCLUSIVE: Kailua parents claim daughter was bullied at kid's club

Trinity Sell Trinity Sell
David Sell David Sell
Paddy Sell Paddy Sell
Julie Kalakau Julie Kalakau
Tim Motts Tim Motts

By Jim Mendoza - bio | email

KAILUA (HawaiiNewsNow) - David and Paddy Sell allege their daughter, Trinity, is a victim of bullying.

"She was spit on, which is extremely unacceptable," David Sell said.

"She's been called retard. She's been called fat," Paddy Sell said.

They said multiple incidents happened at the windward chapter of the Boys & Girls Club.

Trinity is 11, is dyslexic, and has a documented disorder that makes it hard to process what she hears and to handle aggression.

"Very hard time with aggression," David Sell said. "She doesn't understand it. And with her condition it's even harder."

Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii executive director Tim Motts said whatever happened between Trinity and other kids was not malicious.

"We actually are a no bullying zone," he said. "It's one of the things that's one of our mantras that we make sure occurs. Anytime there's a child that feels threatened in any capacity we make sure that is not occurring."

He said the club investigated and dealt with the Sell's complaints.

They said the discussions were frustrating.

"We've had a number of meetings, which to me seemed a little one-sided. They said, 'She does this' and 'She does that.' She's inquisitive. She asks a lot of questions," David Sell said.

As the bullying charge has gone public, several parents have voiced support for the Boys & Girls Club.

"I think there's conflict, but I think they're adolescent and school age children trying to navigate their way through. And the Boys & Girls Club has stepped in every step of the way," Julie Kalakau said.

Trinity has attended the club for two years. The Sells said the incidents escalated the last two months.

"My concern is if this has happened to my daughter, how many other children is this happening to?" Paddy Sell said.

"It would be really an unfortunate circumstance if people judged us based on this one unfortunate interaction," Motts said.

He said because of the number of children and the small staff, the club can't give Trinity the individual attention she needs and what the Sells want.

The couple has taken their daughter out of the Boys & Girls Club, and they won't send her back.


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