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Cheap Thrills in Waipahu

Tonight at 10, a fright night special.  We take you to Waipahu where a man is scaring his neighbors half-to-death.  Then, to Lahaina, where the return of Halloween is attracting a huge crowd.  We'll check the live traffic in Waikiki, and find out which celebrity threw a big party on the Big Island but took off her costume halfway through the night.

And in non-Halloween-related news:  a longtime hula festival says APEC has put it in jeopardy.  See who needs some fast-cash to pull of their 20th annual event.

Investigators believe a fire at a Kaneohe restaurant was a case of arson.  We'll see what evidence was left behind.

City leaders are explaining, and apologizing for a big traffic jam in East Oahu this morning.  Although the reason for the backup may not be much consolation.

And, Malika Dudley shows us how 'Hawaii Five-0' makeup artists transform handsome actors into ugly corpses.  Her special report on the deathly transformation is coming up at 10!

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