Hawaii High School Essay Winner - Shane-Justin Nuuhiwa

There was an essay contest that was held for local students.  The idea being that five of them would be selected to actually get to see much of the APEC Summit. Shane-Justin Nuuhiwa,is a Junior at Kamehameha Schools and he was one of the five winners.

Let me start by asking you what made you decide that you would get into this.

Originally I wanted to enter the Youth APEC Contest to get the opportunity to meet with other Asia-Pacific Region leaders, but throughout the process I discovered the importance of sustainability, and with the help of my Hawaiian Pacific Literature teacher, Dr. Pulelo.

What was your essay about?

I wrote about the Hawaiian connection with sustainability and how we should look back to the past in order to move on with our sustainability efforts.

I can see why they picked that because it dovetails with a lot of stuff they were going to talk about anyway at the summit. What are you going to be able to see?

I'm going to be able to go to the APEC conferences with other four APEC writer winners, as well as through Kamehameha Schools, go to the contest that they're making public to certain students, and there will be a dinner at Bishop Museum as well as an event at Hale Moa, the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center.

Do you know for sure if you're going to get a chance to see the president or anybody else?

They called us and gave us information, so far we have three events planned, and besides President Obama's (event), we're going to be with an ambassador and another foreign leader.

That ought to be pretty interesting too. And I'll tell you something about people like that, presidents regardless of political party or anything like that, they love to take a break from talking to politicians and meet somebody real. So you'll probably enjoy that a lot.