UFC ready to say Aloha to Hawaii?

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The UFC is a sport that's watched by millions of viewers worldwide and it soon could be setting up the octagon cage in Hawaii.

MMA fans in Hawaii have long hoped for a UFC event in the islands.

UFC president Dana White confirmed with MMA Weekly that he had talks regarding an event in Hawaii as soon as 2012.

Rumors have been surfacing for the last decade, however this time around is different.

White's concern is the existence of necessary rules and sanctioning in place to hold an event. However, MMA promoter T. Jay Thompson thinks the delay is due to a scheduling conflict.

"What's keeping them away is that they are such a busy company right now. They are so successful right now that they are doing shows in Australia, Canada, Brazil, India, they're going to Sweden," said Thompson.

The location for the fight is still undecided and White said they are still looking at a outdoor venue as a possibility.

Thompson says he thinks Halawa is the only option.

"UFC will not come to Hawaii if they are not at Aloha Stadium. They're not going to come out here to do a Stan Sheriff or a Blaisdell. They're only coming out if they believe they can fill, if not sell out, Aloha Stadium."

Who could headline a UFC fight in Hawaii? White said former UFC champ BJ Penn is not a guarantee.

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