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'Dog' Chapman defends himself against harassment accusations

Chapman's attorney, Howard Glickstein  & Jeremy Gentry Chapman's attorney, Howard Glickstein & Jeremy Gentry
Mimms' attorney James Lewis & Travis Mimms Mimms' attorney James Lewis & Travis Mimms

By Tim Sakahara - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Duane Dog Chapman was humming Pat Benatar's tune "Hit me with your best shot" in the courtroom before the hearing began.  This as a three people filed restraining orders against him and his 9 year old grandson is caught in the middle of the custody battle.

Duane, Beth and Lyssa Chapman walked into the courtroom ready to "rock" as Dog put it. 

Their accusers are Travis Mimms, who fathered Chapman's grandson, and his roommates Frances McGee and Jeremy Gentry.  They say the Chapman's harassed and threatened them.  However right away Beth and Lyssa Chapman were cleared of any wrongdoing.

Then Mimms and McGee withdrew their petition.  That left just Dog Chapman vs. Jeremy Gentry.

"On October 16 at 10:00 pm Duane called ranting and raving obscenities you mother f----- I will kill you mother f-----!  Just wait until I see Jeremy I'm going to f--- him up," said Gentry, during the court proceedings.

Gentry, who did not have an attorney, called Mimms to testify in support of his claims, but things quickly went south.

"Was it Duane who called?" asked Howard Glickstein, Chapman's Attorney.

"No," responded Mimms, under oath.

"Did you call Duane?" asked Glickstein.

"I called Duane," said Mimms.

"Why did you falsely swear that Duane called you?" asked Glickstein.

"I missed that error," said Mimms.

"Missed it? You wrote it didn't you?" asked Glickstein.

"Yes I did," said Mimms.

"How did you make that mistake if you wrote it?" asked Glickstein.

"There was a lot going on at the time and there was a lot of information to get on here," said Mimms.

With so many recordings out there they didn't play any of them.  Not the phone conversations between Mimms and Chapman. Not even the recording where the son is heard getting spanked with a belt.

"Did you hear that recording?" asked Glickstein.

"I was disciplining my son not hitting my son," said Mimms.

"Did you strike your son?" asked Glickstein.

"I disciplined my son," said Mimms.

"Did you strike your son!" asked Glickstein, raising his voice.

"This has nothing to do with Duane Chapman threatening me. Nothing. He knows there is a custody hearing coming up. This has nothing to do with it. Why he's dragging this out I have no idea," said Gentry, objecting to Glickstein's line of questioning.

Judge Gerald Kibe interrupted.  He had allowed latitude in the cross examination to develop foundation but said Glickstein was now "building an underground garage."

It was left as a cliffhanger as the court ran out of time.  It is scheduled to be picked up again November 15.

In the meantime the rules of the temporary restraining order between Duane Chapman and Gentry are still in place.

"I cannot give stink eye which is a dirty look to Jeremy or like flip him the bird or call his mama names or something maybe not even wave a hello or aloha," said Chapman, after the hearing.  "To stay away from Jeremy is like, as easy as it is for me to not act like Santa Claus."

"The Chapman's are fighting for their show, publicity and the media. I am fighting for my life. My son is my life. That's all I have to say," said Mimms, after the hearing.

His son is still at the Chapman's home where he's been since October 21 when they were awarded temporary custody. 

There's a custody hearing Friday November 4.

We will also have an exclusive sit down interview with the Duane & Beth Chapman this Sunday on Hawaii News Now.

Click here for a Slideshow preview of Sunday's interview.

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