Replacing old appliances and get a rebate - Bounty Program

(HawaiiNewsNow) - I promised you information about your refrigerator. Older appliances use more electricity, so it makes a lot of sense for everybody if you can replace your old appliance with a new one. Derek Sunoda is here from Hawai'i Energy. That sounds generic but it's a very specific operation, so let's start by having you explain what it is.

It's the group that's involved with getting everyone to be energy efficient and conserve electricity.

Does it take money from the electric bills?

It takes a small portion of it and cuts it into this program, so we can do good things, and the good things that we're here to explain today is called the "Bounty Program". What we realize, working with so many households around the state, is we love our refrigerators and our freezers. We love them so much, we never want to give them up, then we collect them. We collect them almost like collectibles, and a family can have anywhere from just one to like four or five, six or seven, the largest one I know, this older lady had eight units in her house.

The one in your carport probably is mostly just keeping the same food cold for a really long, long time. But apart from, that the newer appliances, no matter how many they are, don't use as much power.

Exactly. They can use two to three times less power, just depending on how old your unit is and the condition that it is. So what we're trying to do is make sure that these units get off the grid.

How much are you offering if somebody gets with the program and replaces an older inefficient unit?

On Oahu it's going to be $25 that we offer the rebate. On the neighbor islands, it's $65 for Hawai'i and Maui. We're going to be coming soon to the other two islands, but for those three major islands we offer this service.

The hard part about getting rid of the old ones isn't really how much money we will give you. It's more the service of getting rid of them. So many people, the kids have moved out, they don't have access to a truck. They don't want to bother anybody. So we've made it really simple.

Don't have a vehicle to take it to recycle?  No Problem. Hawaii Energy will make arrangements for a pickup.

You call Hawai'i Energy and say "hey, I want to get rid of my extra or old fridge or freezer" and we'll send the trucking service over there.

Where can somebody go for more information?

We want you to go to HAWAII ENERGY or call us on Oahu, call 537-5577, and on the neighbor islands we have a toll free number, 1-877-231-8222.