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Road Reopens, Shopping Center Shooting, Wet Weekend?

Breaking News: Police have just reopened Kilauea Ave, four hours after a SUV crash that killed one person and injured three others. It happened just after midnight near Kapiolani Community College. Look for the latest on Sunrise starting at 4:30 a.m.

We're still waiting to learn why police units were stationed outside Duane Dog Chapman's home last night. Recently the famous bounty hunter has been in a custody dispute over his 9 year old grandson (click here to read more).  The case is scheduled to be in court today.

New information is coming in on a shooting last night near a Wahiawa shopping center. Police now say that the man who fired shots is a security guard who followed the victims home. More details ahead on Sunrise.

New this morning, the UFC is eyeing Hawaii for a MMA fight and it could be sooner rather than later.

Look for an increasing chance of rain. We can expect windward showers with some heavy rain for the windward sides of Maui and the Big Island. On Saturday thunderstorms are possible for Maui while the Big Island summits might get some snow. At this point, we should brace for the possibility of lingering showers on Halloween with drier conditions for leeward sides. Download the Hawaii News Now app so you can take the radar with you everywhere you go.. and hopefully dodge the rain.

Hawaii law enforcement took a brief break from APEC preparations to honor their own and had a prediction about the upcoming summit in our Islands. Hear why a participant in 15 previous APEC summits thinks Hawaii will be a successful host. You'll find much more information if you visit the APEC section on HawaiiNewsNow.

There are many weekend events for Halloween and some will result in road closures. Taizo will alert us to potential problem spots.

From a controversial picture with a turtle to a political ad, we run down the week's stories that stand out to us as the "Good, Bad, and What Were They Thinking?"

Plus, what's the hot Halloween costume this year? We'll reveal the top picks when we look at what's trending.

Hope you can join us this morning for Sunrise!







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