Salt Lake man arrested following machete attack

Mcneil Valencia
Mcneil Valencia
Patrick Domingo
Patrick Domingo
Witness Dennis Urbano
Witness Dennis Urbano
Neighbor Alana Eskildson
Neighbor Alana Eskildson

KALIHI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Police say the suspect, 24 year old Mcneil Valencia of Salt Lake, approached a group of people who were hanging out drinking and chatting in front of a home on the 900 block of Eluwene Street in Kalihi around 11 o'clock last night. According to witnesses, they knew Valencia.

Police say a confrontation broke out when 23 year old Patrick Domingo of Kalihi, started asking Valencia where was his toolbox.

Dennis Urbano saw the horrific events unfold, just as the group thought Valencia was going to leave.

"He came out of his truck, pulled out a machete and started bashing on Patrick."

Shelly Sarchiella couldn't sleep last night after witnessing the gruesome attack she says by Valencia.

"He just kept attacking Patrick like how you would see somebody cutting a big piece of meat," said Sarcheilla. "He just kept doing it over and over, and then everybody tried to stop him but he just wouldn't stop. He had no mercy for Patrick."

Domingo was rushed to Queen's Medical Center in serious but stable condition.

Urbano described Domingo's graphic injuries.

"He was sliced from his ear, his face, his collarbone. You could see his bones..bleeding alot.

Neighbor Alana Esklindson heard the screams and came out her house to see what was happening.

"He was all bloody, all over his face, all over his body," Esklindson described.

SSarciellasaid Valencia and Domingo have known each other since they were kids. Both SSarciellaand Urbano said Valencia wasn't himself when he showed up that night, uninvited. Urbano said Valencia was known to use drugs, and said he looked "high" on something when he arrived.

SSarciellarecalled, "He just looked like he was out of it."

Police say Valencia fled the scene towards the Salt Lake area where he lived. But they tracked him down on Ala Lilikoi Street and arrested him at 11:50 p.m. for attempted murder and an outstanding warrant.

After sunrise, blood stains from the violent crime were still visibly splattered on the street as neighbors recollected the shocking events of the night.

One of the most disturbing parts of the case, besides the machete, is the fact that the victim's daughter was sleeping nearby in a car. After the incident, said Sarciella, her mom went to get her out of the car, and the four year old woke up. Then while being carried to safety, Sarciella said she passed her Dad who was covered in blood. Sarciella said the child was crying and shaken by sight.

"To think that something like this can happen just right here you know," said Esklindson reflecting in disbelief. "It's just like they say, you don't think of it, until it happens."

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