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Coming Up on Hawaii News Now Tuesday

Here's what were working on for Hawaii News Now at 5 and 5:30.

Japanese media swarmed the sentencing hearing today for Anthony Simoneau -- a man at the center a murder mystery. Simoneau's wife from japan died under suspicious circumstances. Today, Simoneau was sentenced in an unrelated crime. Minna Sugimoto was today's hearing and takes us inside the courtroom.

The State Health Department ordered a Maui salvage yard to shut down and fined it $74,000. We'll have more on what the state says "Kitagawa's Towing and Metal Recycling" failed to do.

And why the state teacher's union is hoping to get fifty thousand signatures to give to state lawmakers. It's all to help get teacher's a tax break.

Also, did you notice that the trades are still around? Guy Hagi has the latest on when we'll start to feel the muggy weather that's forecasted for this week.

That's it for now ... I hope you'll join Stephanie Lum and me tonight on Hawaii News Now at 5 and 5:30. See you then!


Shawn Ching


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