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Cold Case Arrest, Overnight Crash, Changing Weather

New this morning, a man in Ewa Beach has been arrested in connection to a 1997 Utah murder. Authorities say that DNA linked him to the killing. The suspect is still on the island this morning. Learn more about this fascinating case today on Sunrise.

We're also getting details on another arrest that happened two hours ago at the scene of an overturned vehicle on Farrington Highway. Why was the driver taken into custody?

Trash is piling up on the Leeward side and you can blame broken trash trucks. The city says problems with the trucks at Pearl City yard could delay pick ups of the green and blue bins for two more weeks. The same problem dogged service in many more neighborhoods last weekend. Read More Here

Officials say the death toll in the 7.2-magnitude earthquake that struck eastern Turkey on Sunday is now 370. More than 2,000 buildings have collapsed. But get this, rescuers have freed a woman hours after they also pulled out her 2-week-old baby girl alive from the rubble of an apartment building.

While you were sleeping, police in riot gear have moved in and begun clearing anti-Wall Street protesters from the plaza in front of Oakland's City Hall. They've been camped out there for about two weeks.

No tradewinds today or for the foreseeable future. Light and variable winds will prevail through the weekend. Dan Cooke will let us know what that means for when you walk out of the door this morning. He'll be giving weather updates every ten minutes on Sunrise starting at 4:30 a.m.

We'll also have live jazz music from Studio B and Malika previews the Hawaii Kai Halloween Spooktacular.

See you on Sunrise!


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