KapohoKine Adventures suspends zipline bookings indefinitely

Source: Damon Tucker
Source: Damon Tucker

HILO (HawaiiNewsNow)- KapohoKine Adventures (KKA)says that it is suspended booking zipline tours pending a full evaluation on the soil composition and structural integrity of the lines.

In September, a not-yet-operational line owned and operated by Lava Hotline LLC was undergoing final testing by the company that installed it when it failed.

One construction worker was killed and another seriously injured.

KKA says it uses Lava Hotline exclusively for its zipline tours. Lava Hotline closed the operation pending evaluation and KKA will not book tours at other ziplines until the causes of the accident are fully understood.

"KKA wants to see the reports of the soil, structural engineering and architectural consultants that Lava Hotline retained to evaluate the ziplines," said KKA co-owner Tony DeLellis.

Those evaluations are underway on the seven other Lava Hotline ziplines in the same area as the one that failed.

Lava Hotline zipline is owned by KKA partner Gary Marrow.

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