Waikiki businesses adjusting for APEC

Michael Skedeleski
Michael Skedeleski
David Carey of Outrigger Enterprises Group
David Carey of Outrigger Enterprises Group
Wendy Goodenow
Wendy Goodenow

By Jim Mendoza - bio | email

WAIKIKI (HawaiiNewsNow) - When the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit arrives next month, it's going to mean adjustments for businesses in Waikiki that cater to visitors, and for visitors, too.

Eggs 'n Things serves meals in two shifts - at breakfast and dinner. The popular eatery averages 1,200 customers a day. It sits on Saratoga Road. During the weekend APEC is here, Saratoga will be a restricted zone.

"A lot of our vendors are concerned about being able to get in and get deliveries here to us on time," general manager Michael Skedeleski said.

At Waikiki hotels, casual travelers who have booked rooms during APEC week are being warned beforehand that it won't be business as usual.

"If people are in a particular hotel building that is being impacted, they'll get some notices what the requirements are, and whether there are going to be some restriction, whether they're going to be some ID checks to assure that they're a guest," said David Carey of Outrigger Enterprises Group.

Besides global leaders and dignitaries, more than 20,000 people associated with APEC will descend on Oahu.

Travel agents haven't had mass cancellations, but they have advised clients that they may want to stay away from the South shore when the summit is here.

"Maybe they'll do outer islands first. Maybe they'll skip Oahu. Either way, as long as they come, that's what we need," said Wendy Goodenow, who owns HNL Travel Associates.

At Eggs 'n Things, Skedeleski is wondering where his employees will park and whether APEC will help or hurt his business.

"When we talked to a lot of the travel agencies, especially Japanese travel agencies, they said they tried to block that weekend and not take customers," he said.

That's an unappetizing thought since seven out of ten the restaurant's customers are from Japan.

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