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Herb Kâne’s legacy lives on through this year’s Kamaʻâina of the Year award by the Historic Hawaiʻi Foundation

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow)-The last masterpiece of the late artist Herb Kane will be unveiled tonight in a private ceremony in Waikiki. It's part of a three-day event honoring the legendary Native Hawaiian Painter. Amy Kalili has more.

Herb Kawainui Kane will be honored at this year's HHF event for his contributions in the revival of our Hawaiian culture.

The amount of detail and the amount of research that went into Herb's paintings really are unprecedented in depicting Hawaiian scapes.

His paintings remain a rich source of Hawaiian history, including his last piece "Kamehameha Landing."

It's especially unique and special because Kamehameha set up his then united kingdom here on the grounds of the Royal Hawaiian in Helumoa.

The Foundation is honoring Herb as the "Kamaaina of the Year" for his valuable contributions to Hawaii's history.

Our mission as (the) Historic Hawaii Foundation is to preserve the elements of our culture.

Herb accomplished this via his paintings and much more.

I obviously know of him as an artist, obviously know of him as a historian, and obviously know of his instrumental participation and leadership in establishing the Polynesian Voyaging Society. 

Events will be held thru Sunday including a screening of Papa Mau, a talk story with voyagers, and canoe landings. Visit historichawaii.org for more info. 

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