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Traffic Alerts, Gadhafi Update, Friday Forecast

We have two traffic alerts to tell you about this morning. Board of Water Supply (BWS) crews are working on a 16-inch water main break at 2255 North School Street. Only one lane of traffic is open in both directions of School Street.

Crews continue repair work on another main break which has resulted in the closure of both lanes of Kilauea Ave. For now, only local traffic is being allowed to travel through by special duty officers. Other traffic is being diverted onto 8th and 9th Avenues. A number of homes are without water right now. A water wagon will be brought to the area provide these customers with water.

Today on Sunrise Taizo Braden will have the very latest on both traffic situations with updates every ten minutes starting at 4:30 a.m.

Happening Now, Libyan officials say they're waiting for the details surrounding his death before they bury former leader Moammar Gadhafi. An investigation is underway. Officials say a decision is also being made about where to bury the body, but they insist it will happen according to Islamic tradition.

The steady tradewinds are forecast to continue through Saturday. Heads up for box jellyfish for the usual spots on Oahu through Saturday. Today on Sunrise Dan Cooke will tell us when a significant advisory level NW swell is due to come in.

We've also got some great music for this Aloha Friday with local ukulele artists Kalei Gamiao and Jody Kamisato. Plus, the greatest athlete in the world Bryan Clay is stopping by.

See you on Sunrise,


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