HPD, Community Leaders Promote Safe Driving in Foster Village

By Ian Scheuring

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – Drivers along a busy road in Foster Village were urged to slow down and drive more carefully on Wednesday, as the Honolulu Police Department teamed up with local residents and community leaders to deliver an important message.

While several police officers directed radar guns at oncoming cars, students from Radford High School and members of the Foster Village Neighborhood Security Watch were amongst those that held signs reading "Slow Down" and "Speed Kills" along busy Haloa Drive in Foster Village. Despite several speed deterrents, including a traffic roundabout at the entrance to the community, unsafe driving continues to be an issue that plagues the community.

Ingrid Kilthau, who lives along Haloa Drive and has been the coordinator of the Foster Village Neighborhood Security Watch for nine years, is troubled by the dangerous driving habits.

"Cars just love to speed by, and the mopeds, and motorcycles," said Kilthau. "People just don't realize how fast they're going."

Representative Aaron Ling Johanson, who represents the communities of Foster Village, Moanalua and Aiea, also participated in the safe driving demonstration. He believes that certain neighborhood residents are particularly at-risk.

"The community has a lot of young kids and a lot of elderly, and that's what makes speeding so dangerous," said Johanson. ""It's one of the number one complaints at people's doors. This routinely comes up."

The Honolulu Police Department routinely places stationary radar-speed displays in the area, but Johanson fears for the worst without a continued effort to promote safe driving.

"We've got a huge a huge population of high-risk people," said Johanson.

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