Gary Galiher - Whistleblower Case

(HawaiiNewsNow) - A really interesting national story turned out to have a local angle. You've met or seen Gary Galiher. His law firm was involved in a whistleblower case in Mississippi.

The information database and the center to gather all this information and potentially $3 billion contract was going to go to Mississippi.

This was a massive facility and the whistleblower had even evidence of bid rigging?

Our whistleblower was a very smart man and had access to internal communications that went to one side to give them eight months of advanced information. Hundreds and hundreds of phone calls and prep for questions for the bid itself, and they were successful in getting the bid. As the other bidders, they didn't know what was going on?

He got deaf ears every way and he came to us confidentially. I interviewed him. We took his story and he hooked up with mainland council and brought the case on his behalf.

You proved it had merit because you were able to reach a large settlement. Tens of millions?

It ultimately settled for under $25 million for a handful of defendants but it was after many, many years of work. And behind the scenes once we worked with the US Attorney's office.  The US Attorney's office got involved themselves at the Department of Justice. And that was huge in resolving the case.

We have a lot of federal employees who might conceivably at some point in their careers should be addressed. And maybe they'll go to their boss and everything will be done properly. But at what point should somebody consult a lawyers just in case?

If there's a question, there might have sensitive information, they should seek counsel. They can evaluate these kind of cases with an experienced staff and make an intelligent decision. Not something that should be done lightly.

It sounds tricky. Can this be applicable in a private sector case?

There are always situations like this. A contractor that's misbilling the government. The government doesn't have the resources to track down these cases. They'll need help with private attorney generals. If they're defrauding the case or in our case defrauding the federal government.

This is something to keep in mind if you're in a situation where this might apply to you.