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Tradewinds Returning, Death Investigation, Animal Escape

Light variable winds led to clouds yesterday with scattered showers across Oahu. The pattern will repeat today. Breezy tradewinds are due Thursday coincidental with the monthly box jellyfish influx. A slight increase in showers is possible Thursday and Friday, mostly for Kauai and Oahu. We'll keep you updated on Sunrise with weather updates every 10 minutes or just check out our webs tie anytime.

New overnight, Big Island police are trying to find out how an 84 year old man ended up dead at the bottom of a ravine near Hilo. We're working our sources and will pass along the latest details as they come in.

More than a dozen wild animals may still be on the loose in rural eastern Ohio where 48 of them escaped yesterday from a preserve. They include lions and tigers. Yesterday, police killed about 30 of the escaped animals. The owner of the preserve was found dead there. We will check in with a reporter at the scene coming up at 5 a.m. on Sunrise.

While you were sleeping, a two-day general strike began in Greece against a new round of austerity measures that will be voted on tomorrow. At least 70,000 protesters gathered in Athens, with some banging drums and chanting slogans in front of Parliament. Police were pelted with garbage.

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