Power pole falls causing outage, fire and lesson plan switch

Amy Santos
Amy Santos

By Tim Sakahara - bio | email

EWA BEACH (HawaiiNewsNow) - Most elementary school kids have no idea what a chalkboard is anymore.  It's all about smart boards but when the power goes out that's when the old brand of teaching comes back.

Mrs. Santos planned to teach her third grade lesson plan on the new Promethean smart board in front of teachers from other schools eager to learn the technology.  And of course that's exactly when the power went out.

"When the power outage went off I started to panic because all my slides were made on the promethean and so I had to bust out all my low tech gadgets, my chart paper and pen and I started charting all my slides really quickly," said Amy Santos, Kaimiloa Elementary School Teacher.

"The plan that we always tell them is that when the power goes off we can carry on. We can carry on without power," said Glen Iwamoto, Kaimiloa Elementary School Vice Principal.

A couple miles away a power pole fell on Iroquois Point Road near Fort Weaver Road in Ewa Beach.  It started a four acre fire and knocked out electricity to 2,800 customers in the area including Kaimiloa Elementary causing Mrs. Santos to learn there are some things you can't do on paper that you can on a smart board.

"They like things to move fast and move quick and that's how they process things," said Mrs. Santos. "A lot of my lessons are planned around technology using the internet, Brain POP and all the resources available online."

"If they're not using a Promethean they're using an LCD projector or video presenter or some sort of technology in the classroom," said Mr. Iwamoto.

So the reaction when power came back on before dismissal...

"Hallelujah! Thank goodness. All my kids starting yelling and cheering that the power came back so they were really excited to have the board come back on," said Mrs. Santos.

And kids could record their reading and email it to parents to track progress.  Yes it needs power but it's better than the dark ages before technology enlightened the classroom.

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