Hawaii Kai home burglarized then torched

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By Jim Mendoza - bio | email

HAWAII KAI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Home video shows smoke shooting from the side of the split-level house at 764 Hahaione Street. Now police blame a burglary and a fire that was set on purpose.

That's disturbing news for neighbor Yoshio Fujita. He has lived on Hahaione since 1972.

"I'm worried now. If something like this can happen to my neighbor across the street, it could happen to my house," he said.

"It's rather shocking because this is a very peaceful quiet place," resident Janet Cowan said. "You don't think of something like that happening here."

Fire investigators said the blaze began in a bedroom. The police report said property was missing from inside the home.

People who live near the burned out house admit the words arson and burglary scare them, especially since the suspected crimes happened close to their homes.

"I'm worried about the old people at home. They can't protect themselves," said Kenneth Kuroiwa, who lives directly across the street.

"Usually, this neighborhood is really peaceful, very enjoyable. But if something like that happened, I definitely will keep an eye out to just be aware of what's going on," neighbor Elizabeth Gibbons said.

Fujita said Hahaione had a Neighborhood Watch. But it stopped years ago.

"All I hope for is they do find whoever did it," he said.

A woman and her teenaged son rent the house. They weren't there when the fire broke out. Now their home is a crime scene.


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