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Rescue Resumes, Changing Weather, Lowe's Low Point

Developing this morning, at first light search efforts are set to resume for an overdue fisherman who has not returned from a trip off the southern coast of Oahu. 53-year-old Kon Wai Young's family says he went out on a fishing trip aboard his 19-foot white and green pleasure craft on Saturday. When he failed to return as scheduled, they searched the Maunalua boat ramp in Hawaii Kai where they located his motor vehicle and boat trailer. We'll be sending a crew to the scene of the search this morning and will have the very latest information on Sunrise.

The weather is changing for your work week... Surf is up, a meteor shower is ramping up, and winds are slowly lowering. Dan Cooke will be updating us on the changes every ten minutes on Sunrise or check out this link for more.

Happening today, President Barack Obama is calling on Congress to pass pieces of his jobs bill now that they've rejected it as a package. He's making a three-day bus tour through North Carolina and Virginia to pitch components that provide assistance to states to hire or prevent laying off teachers and first responders.

Home-improvement retailer Lowe's says it will close 20 under performing stores in 15 states and cut 1,950 jobs in a move that it says will allow it to focus on more profitable locations. On Sunrise, find out if any stores in Hawaii will be on the chopping block.

New this morning, good news for cell phone users who are constantly going over their minutes. According to the New York Times, cell phone carriers will soon be sending alerts for users nearing their monthly limit for voice, text and data services.

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