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 George Clooney's new movie, THE IDES OF MARCH, takes us behind the scenes of a presidential campaign, and the film definitely gets my endorsement.

Politics is often a dirty business full of compromise, betrayal, and back room deals. That's not exactly big news, but THE IDES OF MARCH does a great job of dramatizing some of the ways that politics can corrupt even an idealist.       
Ryan Gosling is Stephen, an idealistic but ambitious press secretary for a presidential candidate, democrat Mike Morris played by George Clooney.

During the final days of an Ohio primary election, temptation, a campaign scandal, and some behind-the-scenes back-stabbing test his loyalty and trample his ideals.  
THE IDES OF MARCH delivers an absorbing story well acted by an all star cast that includes Philip Seymour Hoffman as Stephen's boss, Paul Giamatti as campaign manager for the rival Republican candidate,  Marisa Tomei as a cynical reporter, and Evan Rachel Wood as a young intern.

In addition to starring in THE IDES OF MARCH,  Clooney also directed this satisfying drama, and he even helped write it.

 George Clooney also starts in THE DESCENDANTS, another critically acclaimed  new drama that will be screened at the 31st annual Hawaii International Film Festival next week.
Unfortunately that screening of THE DESCENDANTS, which was shot in Hawaii last year,  has already sold out. but don't despair, THE DESCENDANTS will be opening in theaters everywhere in November.  
Meanwhile there are more than 200 other films to see at the film SURROGATE VALENTINE, a low budget black and white comedy starring musician/actor/writer Goh Nakamura, who plays himself.  

Nakumura is attending the festival and had this to say at the opening press conference: "So I went out with this girl who had seen the movie. And she said, 'You're just like your self in the movie.' And then there's a beat and she added, 'I thought you'd be smoother in real life.'"
You can get more information on the festival and see my ideas about some of its most promising movies in the article just below this one on this web page.    

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