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Coming up on Hawaii News Now Friday

New at 10 tonight, we have an update on the opening date for two major stores slated for Kailua. Construction of a new Target hasn't even started and crews aren't close to finishing work on the Wholefoods store. So you may be wondering, are plans still underway for both to open in 2012? Ben Gutierrez went looking for answers and updates us on the projects.

Also... shocking defeat for the Warriors! San Jose State beat the men in green by just 1 point. Mike Cherry is busy putting together some of the game highlights and will show us what happened in the game's final moments.

And...we're there as Hawaii customers make a mad dash to the nearest store selling the new i-Phone! So was it everything they dreamed of?

Don't miss Shawn Ching and me tonight on Hawaii News Now at 10 on KHNL and KGMB!



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