Hawaii Oceanic Technology - Fish Farm

(HawaiiNewsNow) - The idea of farming fish, that by itself is not a new idea. For decades people having growing catfish in ponds in the Midwest, and for a couple of years in Hawai'i and a couple of places off the coast of Ewa and Kona, there have been fish grown in cages. But there's a real new wrinkle on that. Bill Spencer is here. He's a local venture capitalist. What's the name of the company?

Hawaii Oceanic Technology.

What is Oceanic Technology.

The key is the patent itself, which is automated, positioning, submersible open ocean platform for fish farming.

These platforms basically are the next generation cage.

That's correct.

You don't just chain them to the bottom of the ocean near the coast somewhere. They are out on the open ocean.

That's right. We really have to find a new way to farm seafood because we have to double farm seafood capacity in the next 20 years to feed 9 billion people, and that's a 62 million metric tons of seafood that has to be produced, so where else can you do it but out in the open ocean.

So if you have them out in the open ocean, which also addresses some environmental concerns about near coast versions of this.

In order to be economically efficient and reduce labor costs we're going to use all sorts of high tech monitoring, monitoring water quality, fish health, feed, predation, piracy, everything you can think of. A central control system much like you would monitor satellites. In have you got one built yet?

That's where we are right now. It's taken us five years to get all of the permits necessary to put something in the water. So it's been a long haul, but we're held to the highest standard by the state and we've surpassed all their requirements.

You can read the complete press release on Hawaii Oceanic Technology website.