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Bug busting tips

For every single person on earth, there are more than 200,000,000 insects. To prevent your fair share from visiting you, here are some tips for busting bugs around your home.

Ants and cockroaches, among other bugs, come in your home looking for food and water they can't find outside.

"If you have plumbing voids for the pipes to come through that's a good place for them to come through," said Ben Brown. "Whenever people open up sugar and flower and things like that, it gets pushed to the back of the cabinet and they're not sealed up all the way that's a good place for ants and other bugs."

Pest control companies can help spot and treat problems, but there are some other preventative steps that can be taken to keep bugs away by making sure the area closest to a home is as dry as possible.

"You don't want to have a lot of moisture around your home," said Lennie Johnson. "That's how they're going to survive. The drier it is around your house the less likely you are to have bugs."

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