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Coming up on Hawaii News Now Thursday

Tonight at 10, APEC protestors have paint on their hands.

Our Ben Gutierrez finds crowds of people who oppose APEC hanging out at a Chinatown nightclub. Instead of dancing, they were hard at work on the silk screen machines producing dozens of t-shirts with anti-APEC messages.

Speaking of the big November conference, crews are feverishly working to plant a number of palm trees along the median strip on Nimitz Highway. The deadline is creeping up. Will they get the beautification project finished in time for APEC?

Countdown to the new i-phone!

Many want to be the first to get their hands on Apple's new i-phone 4-S! It's set to come out tomorrow and the lines are already growing! We'll tell you if any of the stores here will be changing their hours in anticipation of the mad rush.

And, Ramsay Wharton has a preview of this year's Hawaii International Film Festival..and after watching her story, Shawn and I agree, the featured flicks are worth watching!

These are just some of the reasons to watch Shawn Ching, Guy Hagi and me tonight on Hawaii News Now at 10 on KHNL and KGMB.


Stephanie Lum

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