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Wet Weekend?, Kenya Kidnapping, & Unemployment Unmoved

While you were sleeping... Security officials in Kenya say gunmen have seized two international and two Kenyan aid workers from the world's largest refugee camp.

More international breaking news is unfolding this morning, a plane carrying 32 people has crashed in Papua New Guinea and there are fatalities. We keep monitoring our sources and will have the latest details starting at 4:30 a.m. on Sunrise.

Howard Dicus will explain the just released unemployment numbers this morning on Sunrise. The number of people seeking unemployment benefits barely changed, reflecting weak job market. Click Here To Read More

An approaching front will kick up the trades and bring in more showers from Friday night through Saturday morning. Softer winds with drier conditions are due late Sunday. Dan Cooke will help you plan your day and weekend with weather updates every ten minutes on Sunrise.

We'll also introduce you to a 6-year-old girl who saved her family and her neighbors when a fire broke out in her apartment complex. She's one of the Red Cross Heroes.

And if you think you can handle it, we've got the folks from the Haunted Lagoon. They don't build haunted houses. They're houses are already haunted.

See you on Sunrise, if you dare.



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