Wireless Data Usage - Ed Kurzenski is the Chief Technology Officer for MOBI PCs

(HawaiiNewsNow) - When we talk about wireless devices and wireless networks, we talk about wireless mergers, packages, and not so much about what we're going to talk about now, which is wireless data usage. Ed Kurzenski is the Chief Technology Officer for MOBI PCs.

This is a problem not just with Hawai'i and your company. It's industry-wide problem right?

Yes. People want to stay connected to their data feeds. Processes are in real-time, and they want to get what they want now. It's driving usage tremendously.   This is something that we've seen almost since the beginning of the Internet. Every time people put up towers and increase the bandwidth, new apps develop and we do use it all.

The more capacity we put into the network, the more people utilize it. Data networks are unique is in that speed of delivery is just as much as the amount of delivery. Those two things combined tend to drive the utilization of the network already immediately after capacity is added.

To find out more, if you wanted to get it from one of the really big companies, you'd have to clear with it with the senior officials from the mainland and he wouldn't know the numbers. MOBI does know the numbers.

In the last three years, usage has gone up tenfold for us. Just this year we're going to do almost $2 million for the state of Hawai'i.

We were reporting yesterday that you put up a tower to improve coverage in up country Maui. And I assume you have other projects.

We have a number of projects. Specifically around Pahoa, South Big Island and out west side here. We've got a number of capacity and coverage projects under way.