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Who's In Charge of Hawaii's Protests?

Tonight at 10: who's in charge of Hawaii's 'Occupy Wall Street' movement?  So far, nobody.  After protesting in Honolulu for three days straight, the various demonstrators are still trying to find their group identity.

Also, look out for Army helicopters on Hawaii's highest summits.  We'll see how Schofield soldiers will be preparing for war for the next month.

A man sentenced to 40 years for a sexual attack insists he's been framed.  But even his defense attorney doesn't seem to buy it.  Listen closely in our story on Tyrone Smith, Jr.

A Honolulu councilman has a plan to give homeless people homes and jobs.  But first he needs to gain the support of farmers.  Why farmers?

And a special guest star on tonight's 'Five-0' brings some real-life experience to her role.  The scoop on Patty Duke, tonight at 10.

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