Red Cross Hero: Carl Loando

On Saturday, October 15, the American Red Cross Hawaii Chapter will honor nine people and one dog for their contributions to the community. All week long, Steve Uyehara will introduce you to these Red Cross Heroes on Hawaii News Now Sunrise. First up: Carl Loando, Lifesaving Hero.

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - On April 27, 2011, Carl Loando and his team of surveyors were on their way to a job when they noticed thick smoke and fire coming from a house. The team members called 911, while Loando approached and called out to see if anyone was home.

Loando saw an elderly man in the carport looking into the home. The man had tried to get his wife in her wheelchair but was unsuccessful. He told Loando she was still in the hall.

Without hesitation, Loando crawled 20 feet through smoke and darkness. He couldn't see anything so he kept calling out to the woman.

"I could hear her voice saying 'Save me,'" Loando said. "Why I did what I did I have really no idea. Something just told me to go in and go get her."

Eventually Loando found the woman, grabbed her and dragged her to the door and down the wheelchair ramp. The woman's oxygen tank stopped him from going further so he yelled for help.

Loando's team member and passerby took the woman while he caught his breath.

Shortly after, there were several explosions from within the house.

Loando noticed that the woman and his team members were standing below the power lines from the burning home and yelled for them to move away.

"It was sparking already so I yelled at the top of my lungs, 'Get out, get out of there! The electrical line's going to come down!'" he said.

Minutes later, the lines broke and landed in the area that they had been standing. Loando was taken to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation.

Carl Loando risked his life to save a life. He is truly a hero.

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