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Tonight at 10 on KGMB & KHNL

Lots going on tonight...

New at 10: We have amazing video from the Coast Guard rescue of a downed pilot this evening.  You gotta see this guy standing on the wing of his sinking plane, as a helicopter crew grabs him in the nick of time.

Also tonight, police have arrested a man for the arson fire that lit up Koko Head crater this afternoon.  Six hikers had to be airlifted to safety as the flames raced up the mountain.

HPD has finally released the 911 calls from a Kapahulu shooting rampage in June.  We'll hear from stunned drivers who heard the gunshots.

And the 'Occupy Wall Street' protests are coming to Honolulu.  We'll tell you about a demonstration planned for tomorrow.  Meantime, APEC critics are preparing for similar protests next month.  Why are they upset?

All this and the fate of 'The Simpsons'.  Doh!

Hope to see you at 10.



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