Local Connection: Republicans and Democrats

By Rick Blangiardi

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The story of Romeo and Juliet is fiction.

But Shakespeare based his play on an earlier Italian novel. And the novel was based on a real life family feud in northern Italy.

They weren't Capulets and Montagues but their real names were similar. It took them generations to calm down and live together. American history has a parallel in the Mccoys and Hatfields. Those *are* real names, for long-warring families in West Virginia and Kentucky. They calmed down, too, eventually, but again it took years.

Now we've got two other warring families... The Republicans and the Democrats.

What we don't have is year to get over their differences and cooperate. The house couldn't pass a simple stopgap spending measure with the government again running short of cash.

The Republican leadership supported it, but tea party freshmen joined Democrats in voting it down.

In the recent wall street plunges, traders said what worried them wasn't what the fed did or didn't know.

It was what congress wasn't doing - it was getting along. We've got serious problems right now and we need a balcony scene, not a fight scene. Bipartisan cooperation - where for art thou????

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