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Tonight at 10 on KGMB & KHNL

Do you know the number one cause of concussions? According to the CDC it's not football. We tackle the issue with a panel of local experts at 10.

Also, protestors are occupying a lot more than Wall Street. Tonight, the president reacts to the growing frustration over the U.S. financial system.

'An Island of Lies' is the title of a new investigative show about the 1991 Dana Ireland murder on the Big Island. The infamous case took 9 years to solve, and now it's the subject of an in-depth review on the Discovery Channel.

The president of the Philippines is planning a fancy gala in Hawaii next month. We have reaction from eager fans who'll be lining up for tickets.

Plus, ready, set... strip.  Kona's Ironman athletes warm up in their skivvies, tonight at 10.


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