Hawaii Apple users reflect on Jobs' accomplishments

Mike Palcic
Mike Palcic
Peter Kay
Peter Kay

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Apple fans in Hawaii are praising Steve Jobs' accomplishments. Some are even digging up old equipment as they reflect on the company's evolution. Mike Palcic's collection of old Apple computers offers a trip back in time.

"I'm filled with sorrow for the loss of Steve Jobs, but I must say that he has left behind a culture of creativity that will carry Apple well into the future," said Palcic.

The owner of MacMouse.com has an Apple IIe that dates back roughly three decades, and the Lisa, which is the name of Jobs' first daughter.

"The Lisa was very much of a commercial failure, but because of the Lisa, Apple was able to move on and design the Mac Plus," explained Palcic.

A famous Super Bowl commercial helped launch the Macintosh back in 1984.

"People discovered that they wanted to do portable computers so Apple developed this computer which became affectionately known as the luggable. It's a monster. It fit in this case," said Palcic.

Jobs was fired from Apple in 1985, but he helped revitalize the company when he returned in 1996.

"The first machine he came out with was this iMac, and the iMac made Apple's resurgence complete," said Palcic.

Serial tech entrepreneur Peter Kay also has fond memories of the old Apple computers.

"I worked for a whole summer and my mom helped me buy my first Apple II computer, and it launched my career. That's where I learned how to be a software developer," said Kay, CEO of Opcloud.com.

Kay considers Jobs to be the Henry Ford of this generation because of the way the tech giant revolutionized the industry.

"No computer company is still around from 1978, and not just thriving, but dominating. IBM had to get out of the pc industry. This is IBM for crying out loud!" said Kay.

Long-time Apple fans are amazed by the evolution.

"The first Apple II, for example, we were all bragging cause it had 64K of memory. Now 64K today won't even hold a sliver of a photograph," Kay said. "He has left this world, worldwide, a better place. He has touched the lives of practically everyone in a positive way. Few can say that."

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