Kava Festival Enters 8th Year

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow)-Join us on Saturday, October 8, from 9a-7p for a day of 'awa, food, music, games and culture at McCarthy Mall, on the campus of UH-Manoa, as the 'Awa Development Council hosts the 8th Annual Hawaii Pacific Islands Kava Festival.

The piper methysticum (intoxicating pepper) root is known throughout most of the world as kava and continues to hold a prominent role in Polynesian culture and protocol. In Fiji, it's known as "yangona...," in Pohnpei, as "sakau," in Samoa, "ava," and in Hawai'i, it's known as 'awa." Even though we are in Hawai'i, we use "kava" in the title of our event since it is the most widely recognized term for the plant and beverage. Prepared in its most traditional form, the roots of the plant are ground into a powder or mulch, strained with water, and served from a large bowl, or "tanoa." The process yields a muddy tasting beverage with mild analgesic, and anesthetic qualities.

Among the consistent highlights of the festival is our line-up of live entertainment. Currently scheduled to perform are, Johnny Helm, Kupa'aina, Steve Inglis, Michael Tannenbaum, Matty and the Intire Project, Hanale Bishop, and Halau Mele.

The ADC will once again be selling souvenir 'Awafest t-shirts. In previous years we've been fortunate to have noted local artists such as Dietrich Varez and Matthew Kaopio donate their talents for designs. The 2011 poster and t-shirt design will appear courtesy of Solomon Enos.

For the second consecutive year, the ADC will show an 'awa themed film at dusk. The film was very well received at the 2010 festival, as it gave attendees a chance to enjoy 'awa during a traditional "pau hana" hour, and opportunity to further enjoy our beautiful McCarthy Mall setting into the early evening.

The event is sponsored by the 'Awa Development Council (ADC), a nonprofit 501(c)(3) public charitable organization. The ADC is devoted exclusively to educational, scientific, and religious activities. Our motto is I Maluhia ka Honua (So the world may be at peace).

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