Michael Titterton of HPR Pledge Drive begins

(HawaiiNewsNow) - When you need to raise money but you hate to break away from your usual routine, what do you do?

Michael Titterton is General Manager of Hawaii Public Radio and he joins Howard.

Next week, starting on Wednesday it will be the twice a year pledge drive at Hawai'i Public Radio. This is Michael, the guy with the British accent your hear during the pledge driver. He's the general manager. I brought you in because I wanted to talk about this whole advance pledge thing. Where people give money early in the hopes it will shorten the drive.

That's what we're into now. As much fun as we have raising the money to keep the stations going, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. What we try and do is keep the an air special by raising money ahead of time. And right now each even as we speak, people are sending money. 

What's the total goal and how much have you raised? 

The total is 861,000, when you say quickly it doesn't heart that hurt that much. Every time we do one of these, the pledge drive gets stronger. We spend less time on the air fundraising, as it is in both stations. And every time one of these pledge drives is a success, it makes us look that bit more special, you know?

There are only two times this happens. Spring and Fall. It usually starts on Wednesday and runs through the follow week as late as Friday, if necessary. One thing are people are used to but is unusual on the mainland, when you reach your goal, you stop.

We stop dead. 

Even if the phones are still ringing? 

We'll answer the phones but out of the sense of courtesy, the begging and pleaded cease instantly. 

The money that you get through district contribution is how much of your total budget? 

About 65%. 

Hawai'i Public Radio is an independent. It's not connected to PBS or the university. Full disclosure if you don't listen to our show. I'm biased about this. I'm hoping you might actually give some money.

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The reports that we provide here. 

That's what's going on until will come up next week. There will be more of that.