Malika Tests the Instyler

HONOLULU, Oahu (HawaiiNewsNow) - Today we're testing the Instyler!

"Is styling your hair a nightmare?! Well not anymore thanks to the breakthrough design of the amazing new Instyler Rotating Iron!" It's a dramatic TV ad with lofty claims. They claim the Instyler does the job of a hair dryer, curler and a straightener!

To find out, we enlisted the help of Sarah and Chanel. Two women with very different hair types. First, let's see if Sarah's straight hair can pick up some curl. "The curl, I can see it a little bit over here but again I see a lot of static," said Sarah.

Next up, Chanel. Can it tame her curls? "Overall it's pretty smooth but it's a little like frizz on the end that normal flat irons don't really have," she said.

I tried it myself on wet hair. As claimed the Instyler not only styled, but dried my moist, curly locks. They also say it's easy to use. First they say to clip the top layer of your hair, clip it up, then take a small section and simply run it through. Okay, easy enough. But how quick is it? The ad states styling can be done in just minutes. Sure enough it took a little over ten minutes to do my whole head of hair.

There were several positives. It's quick, and easy to use. It straightens and curls without damaging your hair but that comes at a small cost. Frizz for curly hair and static if your hair has product on it. And beware, after a few months of use the Instyler has a tendency to fall apart. It is under warranty for up to a year but I'd recommend buying the three year warranty just in case.

The Instlyer is not cheap. The 30 day trial offer is $14.99, but if you like it and want to keep it it'll cost you about 150 bucks all together for two Instylers.

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