Abercrombie statement on HSTA court ruling

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The state Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected a request by the Hawaii State Teachers Association to compel the Hawaii Labor Relations Board to provide immediate relief from terms of a state-imposed contract.

The HSTA argues Governor Abercrombie violated teacher's constitutional rights to collective bargaining after he implemented their new contract in July.

The court also ruled HSTA can strike once the complaint before the board is resolved.

Governor Neil Abercrombie today released the following statement:

"We respect and support teachers and their contributions. The tactics of the Hawaii State Teachers Association and its attorneys are being rejected across the board by the legal system in every venue. These theatrics serve no public purpose and they undermine the fact that our students are in schools learning and our teachers are in classrooms teaching. We never received any proposed alternatives from HSTA after its board refused to submit our tentative agreement to the membership. It is time to move on."

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