Local Connection: Hawaii Five-0

By Rick Blangiardi

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Celebrity news is fluffy. Editorials are stuffy.

So why would I want to talk about celebrities in an editorial?

I'll tell you why - and it may be iffy, but you may find it pithy.

Maybe you've noticed, as I have, an increase in Hollywood stars vacationing here.

Vacationing, yes, and marrying, and honeymooning.

Now why is that? Why not fly farther and find a beach more remote?

I think it's because Hawaii residents are less pushy, and more affectionate, than people in other places.

We give them their space. And when we don't, we give them plenty of aloha.

The cast of Hawaii Five-0 has learned that.

We were struck by Five-0 stars who seemed stiff at the first season premiere, happier and more at ease at the beach premiere of season two.

Apart from this validation of our behavior, this has economic meaning.

TV and movie shoots support thousands of jobs here, more than you might think because many are independent contractors.

The more Hollywood stars like to be here, the more shoots we'll get.

Your courtesy to visiting celebrities literally helps our economy!

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