UPDATE: 30 laptops stolen from Waianae school recovered

WAIANAE (HawaiiNewsNow) - Honolulu police say 30 of the 60 laptops stolen from Leihoku Elementary School in Waianae have been recovered.

Honolulu police detectives believe that some of the computers may have been sold to buyers who did not know that they were purchasing stolen property.

HPD says that if you think that you may have bought a stolen school computer you should bring it to either the Waianae or Kapolei police station.

Leihoku Elementary School Vice-Principal Kendall Maeda says more than 60 Apple MacBook Pro laptops were taken when eight classrooms sometime over the weekend.

Police say it looks like the thieves climbed up to the second floor, broke in through some louvers, then cut the latches on the cabinets where the computers were stored.

Total value of the laptops and other items taken estimated to be about $90,000.

The laptops were used for classroom instruction and for students to take state assessment tests.

The scheduling of the tests will have to be juggled so all students have access to the remaining laptops.

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