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TSA unveils new body scan software at Honolulu Airport

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By Stephanie Lum - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The next time you head to the Honolulu International Airport you'll notice something new at the security checkpoint.

The TSA is changing the way security screeners view you in those full-body scanners.

Ever since the TSA rolled out these full body scanners last November they've gotten a bad rap.

Images from the machines were described as too intrusive and a violation of privacy.

"The concern from passengers over the past year was privacy. Because the image being viewed in a separate room by a security officer closed to the world," said Nico Melendez TSA Spokesman.

So just this past week the TSA installed new advanced imaging software.

Instead of a specific image of a body part passengers now see a generic computer-generated outline of a person.

"It shows one generic image for every passenger it shows anomalies by yellow highlighted box so our security officers know where to look for any kind of a threat item" said Melendez.

All 250 machines at airports nationwide now have this new software.

The government spent two million on the upgrade.

While it doesn't eliminate pat-downs and having to take off your shoes,it could make long lines move faster.

"I'm definitely glad it's not as invasive um buyt overall it's a security measure so i think whatever is good to kep it safe and secure is good so I think it's ok," says Texas resident Jessica Starlight.

Sophie Youngman visiting from Australia says "I don't think really find it that disturbing got to go thru it if you got to get to your destination."

TSA also announced that it would be relaxing its procedures for children 12 and under and allow some of them to keep their shoes on.

But the TSA says there are bound to be more changes ahead to keep our skies safe.

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