Howard Business Report - Hawaii Pay Scale

(HawaiiNewsNow) - The Hawaii Department of Labor & Industrial Relations has done a study of Hawaii occupations and their wages.

The seven most common jobs are sales clerk, food prep and serving, waiters, cashiers, clerks, janitors and guards.

These occupations account for 100-thousand jobs statewide, with hourly wages of 9 to 14 dollars an hour, less than 30 grand a year.

There are also 9-thousand maids and housekeepers, with mean hourly wages of 14 dollars an hour, or just under 30 grand.

These two pay better - 9-thousand general and ops managers have a mean salary above 100k - 9-thousand nurses average in the 80's.

Sixteen thousand school teachers have mean annual wages just under 50 grand.

Most of these people, white collar or blue, make less than their California counterparts, but waiters make more.

Which professions pay best overall?

Eight of the top nine are doctors, led by specialty dentists and surgeons, whose mean annual salaries top 200 grand.

Chief executives are at number eight - some make millions but the mean annual wage for a chief executive is less than 170.

Psychiatrists and general dentists round out the top ten.

After that we get judges, pilots, architects, college administrations, pharmacists, and lawyers, all in lower six figures.

Chief executives, architects, judges and lawyers make less here than in California but pediatricians make more - according to the state.