Sam Choy's Kitchen recipe: Batayaki




Zucchini – sliced

Eggplant – sliced

Hamakua mushrooms

Chinese Cabbage – chopped

Bean sprout

Beef – thin slice, Pork (thin slice), b/l chicken (thin slice) and/or

Salmon or Ahi belly (brine for 20 minutes in 2 tbsp. Hawaiian salt and 4 cups water)

Use whatever meat or vegetable you desire.

Heat pan and add in butter.  Fry in butter to desire doneness.

Batayaki Sauce

1 whole lemon – squeeze to attain juice

¼ cup - Aloha shoyu

1 tbsp - Ko chu Jung sauce

1 tbsp – sesame oil

½ can chicken broth

Daikon – grated – (option to desire amount)

Green onions – chopped (option to desire amount)

In bowl squeeze lemon for the juice.  Add in Shoyu, Ko chu Jung sauce, sesame oil, and chicken broth.  Mix well then add in grated Daikon and chopped green onions.