Howzit Howard - Unemployment numbers

(HawaiiNewsNow) - Not since late Summer 2008, have we had total weekly jobless claims below 14-thousand. Last week there were 13,613 claims. And this is how they broke down.

Oahu, which had 10 or 11 thousand claims a week in 2009, is down almost to 7 thousand.

The Big Island had 4 thousand claims a week back then, now fewer than 3 thousand.

Maui county is below 2 thousand, including 130 claims on Molokai.

Kauai has been near 1 thousand for six of the past seven weeks.

And first-time claims?  There were fewer than 17 hundred  new claims last week. Falling below a thousand on Oahu, Below below 350 on the Big Island,  below 300 in Maui County, and almost down to 100 on Kauai - there's just one thing... last week was a four-day week.

Remember labor day? There were four days to file claims instead of five.Sometimes that produces a reverse spike.  So let's see how much of a bounce we see a week from today.