Howzit Howard - Pacific Beach Hotel, Hawaiian Airlines, Asiana

(HawaiiNewsNow) - The Pacific Beach Hotel been repeatedly rebuked for union-busting violations since the death of founder Herbert Hayashi, who also founded the Pagoda Hotel kept changing management contractors, each time making all workers reapply for their own jobs - the newest ruling from the NLRB has pages of criticism of hotel management actions including the firing of a union activist for breaking rules that may not have existed.

Hawaiian Airlines says it will restore its third daily flight from LAX to Honolulu for the holidays - December 19th to January 7th - a total of 16 extra flights - Hawaiian says its seasonal third weekly flight to American Samoa will run the same four weeks.

Sunday is the startup of Asiana Airlines service to Hawaii from Seoul - 269 seats per flight - we get six thousand visitors a month through Seoul thanks to the visa waiver program.

Remember the plant experts at the Convention Center last month? The International Plant Protection Congress counted 16-hundred scientists - 500 from 59 countries other than the US - three times as many as ever before.

The City and County of Honolulu awards 10-million in sewer pipe work to Canada-based Insituform technologies.  They'll put in 7-thousand feet of pipe.