Howzit Howard - Visitor Arrivals

(HawaiiNewsNow) - September arrivals will click over 300 thousand this morning. We're up 2% from the same point last year, or about five or six thousand more arrivals.

Even mainland arrivals, which were down 2% in July and down 3% in August, are up six tenths so far this month.

Oahu domestic arrivals are still down, but not as much as before. Maui has swung back to positive, 1.5% above last year. Big island arrivals were up 5% last month, now they're up 12%. Kauai was up 15% last month, now up 23%.

Mind you, September is slower than August, but the year-to-year comparisons are better.

And international arrivals? Up 6% so far this month. Japan is up only fractionally but still sends us three out of four international visitors. Other countries are sending us the rest, up 29% from last year at the same time.