Kailua Barbie Doll Collector Dies

Florence Delos Santos-Marton
Florence Delos Santos-Marton

KAILUA (HawaiiNewsNow) - A Kailua woman who's massive collection of Barbie dolls won her international fame has died.

79-year-old Florence Delos Santos-Marton was first featured in the National Enquirer in 1989. She was believed to have had the largest Barbie collection in the world:  924 dolls.

Today her collection is up to 10-thousand. So many people wanted to see her dolls that her husband built an extension for her garage and she turned it into a museum.

Santos-Martin said she never had a favorite although one first-edition doll was worth 10-thousand dollars.

Santos-Marton died after a battle with Cancer.

Her family says her collection will now be passed on to one of her siblings.

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