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Hawaii Journalists remember 9/11

Jade Moon Jade Moon
Stacy Loe Stacy Loe
Jim Mendoza Jim Mendoza
Teri Okita Teri Okita
Keahi Tucker Keahi Tucker

By Keahi Tucker - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - On the day of the 9/11 attacks Journalists around the country went into high-gear. Jim Mendoza, Jade Moon and Stacy Loe were working at KGMB. 

Teri Okita and Keahi Tucker were both in Washington.

Jade: I was sleeping soundly and the phone rang and when the phone rings in the middle of the night in news... It's never good.

Jim: I think I operated that day kind of like in a haze.

Jade: There were reports coming in from civil defense, military fire, from the airport nobody could fly that day.

Stacy: I was at the Honolulu airport that morning. You know we had a monitor there and every time Jade would toss to me for a live shot I would see and the thing that really struck me that day showed people jumping from the towers.

One of the most difficult thing that i had ever seen.. Hard to report when you were seeing something so awful.

Keahi: I was in Washington D.C. my boss sent me down to the state department to check out a report of a car bomb. I get down there to the state department and there's no car bomb. So I started going all over town, hotels were being evacuated, bomb threats, I ended up over at the White House. Walking up 17th and there's nobody around and I'm thinking this is weird I should not be all alone right here looking at the White House and sure enough this giant security guy with a huge gun comes running down shouting at me to go the other way. So I was out of there!

Teri: I only lived about two miles from the pentagon, it really was like a Godzilla movie because people were running out, everybody was trying to get out of the city and I was trying to get into the city.

Teri: So we ended up setting up a live shot across from the White House, every time some new nugget of information would come out we would be going live. It's absolutely the biggest story the defining moment of my career..

Keahi: You just realized how helpless we were to whatever was going on and everybody just sat there for hours.. Just watching the sky.. 19:18

Jade: People were so shell shocked and saying well you know you're out in Hawaii.

We were just as involved as everyone else in the country, it was our country, our families. We had people there.

Jim: Its one of those defining moments too. It's like when president Kennedy was shot, you know where you were.

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