Victim of deadly stabbing was expecting fourth child, looking forward to new job

Takson Krstoth
Takson Krstoth
Victim: T.J. Mori
Victim: T.J. Mori
Takamichy Mori
Takamichy Mori

By Minna Sugimoto - bio | email

KALIHI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Family members say the man who was stabbed to death at the Mayor Wright housing complex in Kalihi over the weekend was in an exciting phase in his life. TJ Mori was looking forward to starting a new job as a dispatcher at a tour company, and was anticipating the birth of his fourth child.

Religious offerings are nestled between the fresh-cut flowers at a makeshift memorial at Mayor Wright housing. Faith is what the family of TJ Mori, 24, is leaning on in the wake of his sudden, violent death.

"Although we feel the pain, we also pray that God will forgive the person who did this," Takamichy Mori, homicide victim's uncle, said.

Police say Takson Krstoth, 21, stabbed Mori in the back following an argument at the housing complex Saturday night.

"It's difficult to take this type of death," Takamichy Mori said. "Natural death, yes. But this, no."

Family members say, as the eldest child, Mori took care of his parents and younger siblings.

"Although he's grown up, he listens to his parents when they talk to him," the victim's uncle said. "Very attentive, respectful."

He also provided for his fiancee and their three children -- ages five, four and one. Their fourth is due in December.

"They're getting ready to get married next year. They told me," Takamichy Mori said. "It's so sad that this is not going to happen anymore."

Family members say they're still waiting for answers on what triggered the deadly attack.

"I'm surprised by the many people who came to share their condolences," the victim's uncle said. "Because we have faith in God, we know that vengeance is not ours. That belongs to God and Him alone."

Krstoth was arrested on suspicion of second-degree murder. He's awaiting charges at HPD's main cellblock.


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